Become a Member

Application for membership is easy and there is no cost to submit an application.
Below is a link that details the costs to become a member as well as ongoing annual membership costs.
Also below is a link to allow you to review GRYC’s Constitutions and By-Laws.  As a prospective member, you should read through these C&BL’s to understand how GRYC operates and what you can expect as a member of the Club, as well as what GRYC will expect from you as a member.

Constitution and By-Laws

Membership Cost

Membership Application

To apply simply print and fill-out the application.  Applicants must be sponsored by three current GRYC members and they must sign the application.  To get the required sponsor signatures, talk with a Club member you may know or contact any Board of Governors member listed on the drop-down menu on the HOME page.  The Secretary’s contact information is also at the bottom of this page.  Mail the completed application to:  GRYC, PO Box 186, Grand River, OH 44045.  The application will be reviewed by the Board of Governors and forwarded to the Entrance Committee for an informal interview where a applicant will have the opportunity to learn more about our Club.  At the conclusion of the Entrance Committee interview, the Committee will ask for a check to cover the Initiation Fee if their intention is recommend the applicant for full membership.  The check will not be cashed until the approval process is complete and applicant is accepted as a Full Member.

For more information on how to join our club, please email or call our club secretary.

Colin Mills